Zamane Ki Ye Gardish Javidana

زمانے کی يہ گردش جاودانہ
حقيقت ايک تو ، باقی فسانہ

Zamane Ki Ye Gardish Javidana
Haqiqat Aik Tu, Baqi Fasana

This revolution of time is eternal,
Only you are real, the rest is nothing but tales and legends.

کسی نے دوش ديکھا ہے نہ فردا
فقط امروز ہے تيرا زمانہ

Kisi Ne Dosh Dekha Hai Na Farda
Faqt Amroz Hai Tera Zamana

No one has seen yesterday or tomorrow,
Today is the only time that is yours!

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