Saqi (ساقی) The Cup‐Bearer

Saqi - Nasha Pila Ke Girana To Sub Ko Ata Hai

Nasha Pila Ke Girana To Sub Ko Ata Hai
Maza To Jab Hai Ke Girton Ko Thaam Le Saqi

Everyone knows how to throw down people with intoxicants
The fun is to convert the intoxicated one to sanity, O cup‐bearer

Jo Badah Kash The Purane, Woh Uthte Jate Hain
Kaheen Se Aab-e-Baqaye Dawam Le Saqi!

Those who were the old wine‐drinkers are gradually departing
Bring the water of immortality from somewhere, O cup‐bearer

Kati Hai Raat To Hangama Gustari Mein Teri
Sehar Qareeb Hai, Allah Ka Name Le Saqi!

Your whole night has passed in tumult and clamor
The dawn is close remember God, O cupbearer!

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