Pewasta Re Shajar Se, Umeed-e-Bahar Rakh

Pewasta Re Shajar Se, Umeed-e-Bahar Rakh

Pewasta Re Shajar Se, Umeed-e-Bahar Rakh
Remain Attached To The Tree Keep Spring’s Expectation

Dali Gyi Jo Fasal-e-Khazan Mein Shajar Se Toot
Mumkin Nahin Hari Ho Sahab-e-Bahar Se

The branch of the tree which got separated in autumn
Is not possible to green up with the cloud of spring

Hai La-Zawal Ehd-e-Khazan Uss Ke Waste
Kuch Wasta Naahin Hai Usse Barg-o-Baar Se

The autumn season for this branch is everlasting
It has no connection with flourishing in the spring

Hai Tere Gulistan Mein Bhi Fasal-e-Khazan Ka Dour
Khali Hai Jaib-e-Gul Zr-e-Kamil Ayaar Se

Autumn season prevails in your rose garden also
The pocket of the rose is devoid of good cash

Jo Naghma Zan Thay Khalwat-e-Auraq Mein Tayoor
Rukhsat Huway Tere Shajar-e-Sayadar Se

The birds which were singing in the seclusion of leaves
Have departed from your shady tree’s leaves

Shakh-e-Bureeda Se Sabaq Andoz Ho Ke Tu
Na Ashna Hai Qaida’ay Rozgar Se

You should learn a lesson from the separated branch
As you are unacquainted with the customs of the world

Millat Ke Sath Rabta Ustawar Rakh
Pewasta Reh Shajar Se, Umeed-e-Bahar Rakh!

Keep very strong communication with the nation
Remain attached to the tree and have spring’s expectation!

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