My Favourite Personality Allama Iqbal Essay in English

Allama Iqbal is My Favourite Personality

Hero is man of outstanding character and matchless genius. He must be a man of unique qualities. though the Muslim History is full of great men, my hero in history is Allama Iqbal. I think, he is really a man worthly of the title ‘Hero’.

Allama Iqbal  was born in Sialkot in 1877.  He came to Lahore for learning after completing his primary education.  At that time the English were the rules of India. They were very cunning. They did not like the Muslims. They tried their best to keep the Muslims backward and ignorant. Iqbal, who was a great well-wisher of the Muslims, tried to awaken the Muslims from their sleep of ignorance through his poetry. He wrote a number of poems and verses to make the Muslims realize their negligence. He taught them a lesson of ‘self-esteem’. He made them realize the achievements of their forefathers. He wrote many letters to the Qauid-e-Azam to urge him to work for his nation.

In the session of Muslim League at Illahabad in 1930, he suggested the solution to the discontent of India. He showed a sure way of peace and happiness for the people living in India. Iqbal’s speech demonstrates his concern for his nation. He said that the Muslims were different in their religious, beliefs and traditions from the other nations living in the sub-continent. He said that the concept of nationality of the Muslims is quite different from those of other nations of the world. He said that India be divided into two nation states. The territories of the Muslims majority should be made a new Muslim state.

Iqbal was a great Muslim poet. His poetry was aimed at teaching the Muslims what they had forgotten. It was a lesson of their golden traditions and matchless achievements. He wrote his poetry urging the Muslims to break the slavery chain. His poetry is a permanent source of joy and inspiration for the Muslims. It is full of national feeling and sentiments.

Iqbal’s poetry places him in the sky of immortal fame high among the stars. he wrote poetry both in Urdu and Persian. Many reference to the Holy Quraan can be found in his poetry. Some critics go even to the extent that his poetry is the true explanation of the Holy Quraan. It elevates us spiritually and morally.

In this age when the Muslims are being insulted and crushed throughout the world, it is necessary that we should get guidance and inspirational from his poetry. If we study his poetry and follow his advice, we will surely regain our lost glory. His poetry is not for one time. It is for everyone and for every age. What a perfect code of ethics and morality his poetry is! May the Muslims of today read his poetry and get an urge to gain their golden past. Aameen!

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