Meri Nawa-e-Shauq Se Shor Hareem-e-Zaat Mein

Meri Nawaay Shauq Se

Meri Nawa’ay Shauq Se Shor Hareem-e-Zaat Mein
Ghalghala Ha’ay Al-Aman But Kada’ay Sifaat Mein

My epiphany of passion causes commotion in the precinct of the Divine Essence,
Strikes terror in the pantheon of His Attributes.

Hoor-o-Farishta Hain Aseer Mere Takhaiyulat Mein
Meri Nigah Se Khalal Teri Tajalliyat Mein

The houri and the angel are captives of my imaginations,
My glance ruffles Your Manifestations.

Garche Hai Meri Justujoo Dair-o-Haram Ki Naqsh Band
Meri Faghan Se Rustkhaiz Kaaba-o-Somanat Mein

My quest is the architect of the Mosque and the idol‐house,
Though my song causes tumult both in the Ka‘bah and Somnath.

Gah Meri Nigah-e-Taiz Cheer Gyi Dil-e-Wujood
Gah Uljah Ke Reh Gyi Meri Touwahamaat Mein

My sharp vision pierced through the core of existence;
Confounded by my illusions at yet another time.

Tu Ne Ye Kya Ghazab Kiya, Mujh Ko Bhi Fash Kar Diya
Main Hi Tou Aik Raaz Tha Sina’ay Kainat Mein !

Oh what a rash deed that You did not leave me hidden:
I was the only secret in the conscience of the universe!

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