Khatab Ba Jawanan-e-Islam (خطاب بہ جوانان اسلام)

Address To The Muslim Youth

Khitab Ba Jawanan-e-Islam

Kabhi Ae Naujawan Muslim, Tadabbur Bhi Kiya Tu Ne
Woh Kya Gardoon Tha Tu Jis Ka Hai Ek Toota Huwa Tara

Have ever you pondered, O Muslim youth, On deep and serious things?
What is this world in which this you is only a broken star?

Tujhe Iss Qoum Ne Pala Hai Aghosh-e-Muhabbat Mein
Kuchal Dala Tha Jis Ne Paon Mein Taj-e-Sar-e-Dara

You came of a stock that nourishes you In the close embracing of love,
A stock that trampled under foot Dara who wore the crown.

Tamaddun Afreen, Khallaq-e-Aaeen-e-Jahandari
Woh Sehra-e-Arab Yani Shutar-Banon Ka Gehwara

Civilization’s grace they forged to a world‐disposing law,
Those folks that came from the Arab sands that cradled their camel‐men.

Sama ‘Al-Faqru Fakhri’ Ka Raha Shan-e-Amarat Mein
‘Baab-o-Rang-o-Khal-o-Khat Che Hajat Rooye Zaibara’

The simple life was the pride they had in their deeds of glorious show.
How does the lovely face feel need of rouge and mole and art?

Gadai Mein Bhi Woh Allah Wale The Ghayoor Itne
Ke Mun’em Ko Gada Ke Dar Se Bakhshish Ka Na Tha Yara

In pure plain life and in fear of God they lived their modest way.
The rich man stood in no fear of the poor that he gives his wealth in fee.

Gharz Main Kya Kahun Tujh Se Ke Woh Sehra Nasheen Kya The
Jahangeer-o-Jahan Dar-o-Jahan Baan-o-Jahan Aara

In short, in words can I tell to you what were these desert men?
Holders, Keepers, Saviours, Adorners of what we call the world.

Agar Chahon To Naqsha Khainch Kar Alfaz Mein Rakh Dun
Magar Tere Takhiyyul Se Se Fazoon Tar Hai Woh Nazara

If I should draw the sketch aright limning the form in words,
The vision I’d draw would be better far than all your fancy paints.

Tujhe Aaba Se Apne Koi Nisbat Ho Nahin Sakti
Ke Tu Guftar Woh Kirdar, Tu Sabit Woh Sayyara

There is no standard by which to judge Yours and your father’s worth.
You utter words but they did deeds. They roamed: you stay at home.

Ganwa Di Hum Ne Jo Aslaf Se Meeras Payi Thi
Surreya Se Zameen Par Asman Ne Hum Ko De Mara

We have despoiled the inheritance that we from our fathers won.
The heaven from the zenith has dashed it down

Hukumat Ka To Kya Rona Ke Woh Ek Aarzi Shay Thi
Nahin Dunya Ke Aaeen-e-Musallam Se Koi Chara

And cast it on the ground. what is this weeping at ordered things
That it is the affair of a day? Except the help of all‐certain law

Magar Woh Ilm Ke Moti, Kitabain Apne Aaba Ki
Jo Dekhain In Ko Yourap Mein Tou Dil Hota Hai Seepara

The world has no other plan. but if those pearls of learning’s lore,
Those books our fathers wrote we see in Europe made scholar’s joy, The heart is rent with grief.

“Ghani Rouz-e-Siyah-e-Peer-e-Kanaan Ra Tamasha Kun
Ke Noor-e-Didah Ash Roshan Kunan Chashm-e-Zulekhara”

O Ghani, behold the darkened day Kinan’s old man once knew,
That the light of his eyes to Zuleikha’s eyes might bring the brightness of sight.

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