Gul-e-Rangeen | The Colorful Rose


The Colorful Rose

Tu shanasa e kharash e auqda mushkil nahin
Ae gul e rangeen tere pehlu mein shaid dil nahin

You are not familiar with the hardships of solving enigmas
O Beautiful Rose! Perhaps you do not have sublime feelings in your heart

Zaib e mehfil hai, shareek e shorish e mehfil nahin
ye faraghat bazm e hasti mein mujhe hasil nahin

Though you adorn the assembly yet do not participate in its struggles
In life’s assembly I am not endowed with this comfort

is chaman mein sarapa

Iss chaman mein mein sarapa souz o saaz e aarzu
aur teri zindagani be gudaz e aarzu

In this garden I am the complete orchestra of Longing
And your life is devoid of the warmth of that Longing

Torh lena shakh se tujh ko mera aaeen nahin
ye nazar ghair az nagah e chasm e surat been nahin

To pluck you from the branch is not my custom
This sight is not different from the sight of the eye which can only see the appearances

Ah! ye dast e jafa ju ae gul e rangeen nahin
kis tarah tujh ko ye samjhaun ke main gulcheen nahin

Ah! O colourful rose this hand is not one of a tormentor
How can I explain to you that I am not a flower picker

Kam mujh ko didah e hikmat ke uljhairon se kya
didah e bulbul se main karta hun nazara tera

I am not concerned with intricacies of the philosophic eye
Like a lover I see you through the nightingale’s eye

so zabano per bhi khamooshi

So zubanon par bhi khamoshi tuhje manzoor hai
raaz woh kya hai tere sine mein jo mastoor hai

In spite of innumerable tongues you have chosen silence
What is the secret which is concealed in your bosom (heart)?

Meri soorat tu bhi ek berg e riyaz e toor hai
main chaman se door hun, tu bhi chaman se door hai

Like me you are also a leaf from the garden of Tur
Far from the garden I am, far from the garden you are

Matmaen hai tu, preshan misl e bu rehta hun main
zakhmi e shamsheer e zauq justuju rehta hun main

You are content but scattered like fragrance I am
Wounded by the sword of love for search I am

Ye preshani meri saman e jamiat na ho
ye jigar sauzi charagh e khana e hikmat na ho

This perturbation of mine a means for fulfillment could be
This torment a source of my intellectual illumination could be

Natawani hi meri sarmaya e quwwat na ho
rashk e jam e jim mera aaeena e hairat na ho

This very frailty of mine the means of strength could be
This mirror of mine envy of the cup of Jam could be

Ye talash e muttasil shama e jahan afroz hai
tosin e idraak e insan ko kharam aamuz hai

This constant search is a world‐illuminating candle
And teaches to the steed of human intellect its gait

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