Ehad-e-Tifli | The Age of Infancy


The Age of Infancy

Thay diyar e nau zameen o aasman mere liye
wussat e aaghaush e madar ek jahan mere liye

The earth and sky were unknown worlds to me
Only the expanse of mother’s bosom was a world to me

Thi har ek junbish nishan e lutf e jaan mere liye
harf e be matlab thi khud meri zuban mere liye

Every movement was a symbol of life’s pleasure to me
My own speech was like a meaningless word to me

Dard, tiflee mein agar koi rulata tha mujhe
shorish e zanjeer e dar mein lutf aata tha mujhe

During infancy’s pain if somebody made me cry
The noise of the door chain would comfort me

Takte rehana haye! vo pehron talak suay qamar
vo phate badal mein be aawaz e paa uss ka safar

Oh! How I stared at the moon for long hours
Staring at its silent journey among brokenclouds

Pochna reh reh ke uss ke koh o sehra ki khabar
aur vo herat darogh e muslahat aamaz per

I would ask repeatedly about its mountains and plains
And how surprised would I be at that prudent lie

Aankh waqaf e deed thi, lab mayal e guftar tha
dil na tha mera, sarapa zauq e istafsar tha

My eye was devoted to seeing, my lip was prone to speak
My heart was no less than inquisitiveness personified

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