Aflak Se Ata Hai Nalon Ka Jawab Akhir

Aflak Se Ata Hai Nalon Ka Jawab Akhir

Aflak Se Ata Hai Nalon Ka Jawab Akhir
Karte Hain Khitab Akhir, Uthte Hain Hijab Akhir

From the heavens comes an answer to our long cries at last,
The heavens break their silence, the curtains rise at last!

Ahwal-e-Mohabbat Mein Kuch Farq Nahin Aesa
Souz-o-Tab-o-Taab Awwal, Souz-o-Tab-o-Taab Akhir

Little of change love’s fortunes inherit: born in anguish
And fire, in fire and anguish its end it buys at last.

Main Tujh Ko Batata Hun, Taqdeer-e-Umam Kya Hai
Shamsheer-o-Sanaa Awwal, Taoos-o-Rabab Akhir

The destiny of nations I chart for you,
At first the sword and spear; the zither’s, the lute’s soft sighs at last.

Maikhane-e-Yourap Ke Dastoor Nirale Hain
Late Hain Suroor Awwal, Dete Hain Sharab Akhir

Outlandish are the customs that Europe’s tavern knows!
It steeps men first in pleasure, the wine supplies at last.

Kya Dabdaba-e-Nadir, Kya Shaukat-e-Taimoori
Hi Jate Hain Sub Daftar Gharq Mai-e-Naab Akhir

Be it the awe of Nadir, be it the glory of a Tamerlane,
At last all exploits are drowned in a barrel of wine.

Khalwat Ki Ghari Guzri, Jalwat Ki Ghari Ayi
Chutne Ko Hai Bijle Se Agosh-e-Sahaab Akhir

The cloistered hour is over, the arena’s hour begins,
The lightning comes to asunder those cloudy skies at last!

Tha Zabt Bohat Mushkil Iss Seel-e-Maani Ka
Keh Dale Qalandar Ne Asrar-e-Kitab Akhir

It was too hard to withhold the flood of these truths,
At last the Qalandar revealed the secrets of the Book.

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